discussions with carnists and speciesists

  • carnist: they have vegetarian gravy... I think that's gross.
  • vegan: why is it gross to make gravy without including animal exploitation?
  • carnist: I just think it's gross that they try to make it taste like something it's not
  • vegan: what is in that neon blue shit you're drinking?
  • carnist: .....
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------
  • speciesist: Pamela Anderson is from here.... but she's an idiot
  • vegan: why do you say that?
  • speciesist: She said she didn't support the ice bucket challenge because the als society does animal testing
  • vegan: Well there are alternatives to animal testing, and animal testing is not only unethical, but also unreliable, humans do not have the same physiology as mice for example.
  • speciesist: well whatever she's wrong
  • vegan: She has most likely researched her position on animal testing, and you have not, your opinion is uninformed and invalid.
  • speciesist: .......